Histogram (Text-based)


Menu location: Graphics_Histogram (text-based).


The text-based frequency distribution histogram is plotted horizontally across the screen with the count for each value-range (bin) displayed at the left hand side.


The variable that you select is divided into m ranges (bins, bars). The variable is then sorted and the first k values less than or equal to the upper limit of the first bin are counted as the frequency of the first bin. This counting is then repeated for each bin, and bars are plotted to represent the counts. The numbers displayed on the x axis are the middle values (mid-points) for the value range of each bin.


StatsDirect will attempt to select a "neat" number of bins and "neat" mid-point values for your data. You may over-ride this selection and set your own bin specifications when prompted.


See also the graphical histogram.


Histogram for SDI not conceived

Counts         Mid-points

2              190|===

0              180|

1              170|==

14             160|=====================

29             150|============================================

33             140|==================================================

20             130|==============================

12             120|==================

5              110|========


                   0              10             20             30             40



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