The Edit_Copy menu function opies selected content from the current report work workbook to the Windows clipboard.


In reports you can duplicate areas of selected text in this way. You can also use the Windows clipboard to copy and paste text and/or graphics between Windows applications. For example, select a block in a StatsDirect report by holding down the shift key and using the cursor keys. Copy this highlighted block the Windows clipboard by holding down the control (Ctrl) key and then pressing the C key. Switch to a word processor such as Microsoft Word, hold down the control (Ctrl) key and press the V key to paste your selection into the Word document. You may do this between any Windows applications that can copy and paste rich text.


In workbooks this function copies selected cells of the from the active worksheet of the current workbook to the Windows clipboard. Holding down the control key (Ctrl) and pressing the C key has the same effect. Use the "Paste" function of this menu if you want to place this block of copied data into another place, for example. into another worksheet in the current workbook. You can duplicate areas of a workbook in this way. You can also use the windows clipboard to cut and paste selected cells or complete worksheets between applications that use standard formats for worksheets, such as Microsoft Excel.



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