Setup Tools


The Tools_Setup Tools menu function enables you to add tools and links to other resources into StatsDirect.


Software applications can be written to communicate with StatsDirect directly, these are known as StatsDirect add-ins. An example of a StatsDirect add-in is the StatsDirect calculator. This add-in is specified by default in the tools menu, you can not remove it. If you require information on writing add-ins for StatsDirect then please see the StatsDirect web site at


You may specify Internet URLs, mailto:email addresses, documents on your hard disk or any other type of external link that Windows can resolve. The Setup Tools window shows you a spreadsheet representation of these links. In most cases you need only concern yourself with the first two columns; the menu entry (such as &Notepad) and the command line (e.g. notepad.exe). The ampersand (&) before a letter in the menu entry makes that letter the keyboard shortcut that selects the menu item. You must supply the full path name for most entries in the command line column; a rule of thumb is that your command line will work if it works from the Windows "run" box.


At the top of the Setup Tools form there are two option buttons to switch the link with Excel on or off.



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