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This a simple two way cross tabulation function. If you have two columns of numbers that correspond to different classifications of the same individuals then you can use this function to give a two way frequency table for the cross classification.


If you need to stratify by a third classification variable, or you want to perform analyses straight away on you cross tabulation, then please see the Analysis_Crosstabs function instead.




A database of test scores contains two fields of interest, sex (M=1, F=0) and grade of skin reaction to an antigen (none = 0, weak + = 1, strong + = 2). Here is a list of those fields for 10 patients:


Sex Reaction
0 0
1 1
1 2
0 2
1 2
0 1
0 0
0 1
1 2
1 0


In order to get a cross tabulation of these from StatsDirect you should enter these data in two workbook columns. Then choose Tabulate from the Grouping section of the Data menu.


For this example:


  Reaction:0 Reaction:1 Reaction:2
  0 1 2
sex:0 2 2 1
sex:1 1 1 3



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