Missing Data


StatsDirect stores missing data as the value 3.0E+300 internally, but you do not need to remember this. If you leave gaps in a column of numbers in the workbook, StatsDirect will treat the gaps as missing data.


If you want to insert missing data at the top or bottom of a column then you must enter an asterisk (*) in the relevant cells. It is better to enter asterices for all missing data that are part of your analysis. For example, the two way analysis of variance with replicates uses a substitution method for missing data and it needs to know the exact locations of these data.


If you import data from software which uses a specific missing data value, then you should use the search facility in StatsDirect to replace all instances of this external missing data value with an asterisk "*".


You may wish to use the clear missing data function to remove incomplete records in order to check your data before analysis.



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