Excel Links


StatsDirect can share data with Microsoft Excel in two ways:

A. Reads Excel compatible files directly

B. Links via the StatsDirect-Excel link add-in.


Reading Excel files into StatsDirect

StatsDirect can read Microsoft Excel compatible files directly: use the Open item in the File menu.


Using the StatsDirect-Excel link add-in with Microsoft Excel

The first time you run StatsDirect it will look to see if you have a compatible version of Microsoft Excel, if you do then StatsDirect will install an add-in into Excel that gives you a new menu in Excel called "StatsDirect". This add-in provides a data link between Excel and StatsDirect. If you are working in Excel and wish to analyse data in StatsDirect then all you need do is select "StatsDirect" from the "StatsDirect" menu in Excel. When a workbook is transferred from Excel to StatsDirect it will be labelled "~Excel" in StatsDirect.


If the automatic installation of the Excel-StatsDirect data link add-in fails then you can add it manually: start Excel, goto the "Tools" section of the menu, then to "Add-Ins", then to "Browse" and search for StatsDirectExcelLink.xla in the folder where you installed StatsDirect.


The StatsDirectExcelLink.xla file is copied to the current user’s startup directory for Excel, which means that it loads when Excel starts up. You can switch this on or off manually via the Tools_Setup Tools menu.



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